Criminal Law

Facing prosecution for a criminal offense can be a harrowing experience for anyone, as penalties can range from substantial fines and property seizure, to periods of incarceration.  Moreover, having a criminal record can have far-reaching social implications, to include diminished educational, employment, and even residential prospects.

Considering the potential consequences of conviction, it is critical for those confronted with such charges to have legal counsel available at the earliest juncture.  This is particularly true, as police routinely interrogate individuals before they have a chance to consult with an expert familiar with their constitutional and statutory rights.  Failure to timely secure the assistance of an experienced lawyer could result in the violation of your rights, and possibly a criminal conviction which otherwise could have been reduced or dismissed.  Moreover, even if one’s charges are dismissed or withdrawn by the prosecutor, a record of the charge will remain without further action.  Petitioning the court for an expungement is necessary to ensure that people conducting background checks cannot use a mere accusation as a basis for discrimination

The professionals at Bradshaw & O’Connor have successfully defended clients charged with crimes ranging from underage alcohol and marijuana possession, to felonious assault and robbery.  If you have been charged, or even questioned concerning a criminal offense, contact Bradshaw & O’Connor to schedule a free consultation so that you may make an informed decision regarding the protection of your interests.