About Bradshaw& O’Connor P.C. Virginia’s Top Criminal Defense Attorneys

Proudly Serving Central Virginia in Criminal Law, Family Law, and Serious Traffic Offenses

The law firm of Bradshaw & O’Connor is composed of attorneys who take a singular approach to legal advocacy: listening to the client, understanding that person’s objectives, and employing an unbridled tenacity in pursuing those ends.  Co-Founder Christopher Bradshaw has worked at several government agencies, including the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office, the Richmond Public Defender’s Office, and the Office of the Attorney General.  Drawing upon this experience, and having tried literally hundreds of cases to judges and juries alike, he has excelled as a trial lawyer.  By coupling his aggressive approach to pretrial motions with his prowess in the courtroom, Bradshaw proudly boasts a long record of favorable outcomes for his clients.

Co-Founder Jonathan O’Connor has been hailed as one of the most skilled litigators in Virginia.  As an expert in witness cross-examination, O’Connor has persuaded juries to acquit his clients in the most daunting of circumstances.  After serving as the youngest Senior Assistant in the history of the Richmond Public Defender’s Office, O’Connor continues impress with an unbridled tenacity in the courtroom

The law firm of Bradshaw & O’Connor specializes in criminal and traffic offenses, as well as in matters of family law.  Whether you’re in need of an attorney to zealously defend you against a criminal prosecution, or to assist you in a contested divorce, you can rely on the lawyers at Bradshaw & O’Connor to maximize your chances of success.  Contact them today for a free consultation.